Add a Value Calculator for your Product or Service to Your Marketing Site

In Today’s Market, Communicating Financial Value is Mandatory

  • Convert more visitors to warmer leads.
  • Enable site visitors to immediately estimate the value that you can provide specifically to them.
  • Give prospects a compelling reason to want to talk to you.
  • Personalized to be more engaging than static blogs, eBooks, or whitepapers.
  • Exclusive focus on Value Calculators makes us the fastest, easiest purpose specific code-free platform.

Is This You?

Ivaluated is the perfect answer for Marketing Professionals who want to:

  • Add an ROI/Value Calculator to their site for lead generation.
  • Avoid having to enlist technical resources to code one.
  • Focus on describing the financial value of their product or services.
  • Use a platform made exclusively for ROI & Value Calculators to get the easiest way to accomplish this goal.
  • Be offered a price that does not require onerous management approval.

Examples of Calculators You Can Make

Identity Management Software Example: A product IT departments use to securely manage employee access to applications.
Manufacturing Example: ‘Widgets’ are a hypothetical product that decrease the unit cost of manufactured goods and increase capacity.
Software Testing Tool Example: A product development organizations use to more efficiently find serious bugs in their software product, faster.

Ivaluated Protm

Easily Turn Your Expertise into an Interactive Calculator

  • No Coding. Everything is done from the GUI Editor.
  • Free GUI Editor access for as long as you need to perfect your calculator before publishing. $399/year when you are ready to start using it on your site.
  • Uniquely Yours. Highly customizable to your site’s look and feel.
  • Your Math. Simple, robust GUI based calculation engine lets you define user inputs, and how Value is calculated.
  • Seamlessly Add to Your Site. Easily embed into your site directly or with a WordPress plug-in.
  • Works great on all screen sizes.
  • Make regular updates whenever needed.

Let’s Get Going!

Get Your Free Sandbox Account

Your private sandbox is where you create your custom value calculator using the Ivaluated Editor. Nobody sees it until you are ready to publish.

We Want to Help!

We can give you an intro to the Ivaluated Editor, help you quantify your value or even create a custom calculator for you.

Launch Your Calculator

Once you like what you have in your sandbox, you can publish your hosted calculator and easily embed it into your site.

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