Launch Your Value Calculator

Time to Go Live! Publish Your Calculator With Ivaluated Protm for $399/year.

Have an Ivaluated Calculator set up in your sandbox that you like? Become a subscriber and start using your value calculator on your marketing site. The process is simple.

  1. While logged in to your free sandbox account, under My Account, select Become a Subscriber and Go Live.
  2. Once subscribed, we will provide you with a snippet of html that you can use to display your hosted value calculator in any element of your website. You can also link directly to it.
  3. You can make changes to your calculator from within your sandbox. When the changes are done, subscribers may submit a Publish Order from My Account while logged in.

Subscription Options

New subscribers are automatically subscribed to Ivaluated Protm for a subscription fee of $399/year. This includes all of the capabilities of the Ivaluated Platform and will be the long-term solution for the majority of organizations.

For sites with high usage rates, more than 5,000 calculator loads from our servers a month, a subscription to Ivaluated Enterprise Edition will be required. We will meter this for you and contact you if this threshold is reached.

A ‘Load’ occurs when:

  • Your calculator is accessed or refreshed via the url we provide you when you become a subscriber.
  • A page on your site where you have embedded your value calculator is accessed or refreshed.

Subscribing to Get a Public Calculator for Lead Generation

You subscribe under Account Management from your sandbox account (where you started out creating your Calculator).

Once you subscribe you are able to submit Publish Orders. When you submit a Publish Order, it initiates the process of updating your Public Calculator to reflect your latest sandbox configuration. You may do this once per week, updates can take 2-3 business days but typically are done more quickly. If you find a mistake in Calculator settings that you just published, contact us and we will do an expedited update not subject to the weekly limit.

Publishes includes a manual review for security purposes. Your Public Calculator will be identical to the Calculator you had in in your sandbox account when your last Publish Order was fulfilled.

Link to or Embed Your Calculator

When you become a subscriber you can provide prospects with a link to your Public Calculator, or you can embed it into your site. These options allow you to decide how seamlessly integrated you want your calculator to be with your site, and allow you to either present the calculator to all visitors, or gate it. When you first subscribe you will receive the following:

A link you your Public Calculator. It will look like this:

The following editable code snippet will make it easy to embed your calculator wherever you choose to into your site:
<iframe src=”” width=”98%” height=”650px” style=”border:1px solid black;”> </iframe>

This will work on any standard html site and on WordPress sites.

For a WordPress site the easiest way to include the snippet is to select Edit Page for the page where you want to include your Calculator, add a Block, then select “Edit as HTML” and paste the snippet into it. Alternately for WordPress there are also a variety of plug-ins that simplify embedding external web pages into your site. If you choose to use one of these plug-ins you would use the link above, not the code snippet, and follow the instructions for the plug-in.

Some examples of WordPress plug-ins for embedding a live site:

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