Get Started with Your Value Calculator

Get Started with a Free Sandbox Account

When you Register for your sandbox account, you get a non-public environment where you can switch between the Ivaluated GUI Editor where you set up your Calculator, and the Calculator that you are creating. You can take as long as you need to get it just right.

Use the Ivaluated Editor to Create Your Value Calculator

Once you have a Calculator you like, you are ready to¬†go live by activating your subscription to Ivaluated. You can do this from “My Account” in your Sandbox. Once subscribed, you can choose to Publish the Calculator in your sandbox when you are ready and Publish updates later when you make changes. Once you have a Published Calculator you will be able to share it publicly by linking to it or embedding it in your site.

Generate Leads with a Value Calculator you Can Easily Create

Ivaluated Protm is the first and only solution that anyone can use to create a calculator that visitors to a company site can interact with to quickly estimate the value of the product or service offered to them. Rather than making broad generic assertions, you provide your early-stage prospects a personalized estimate of the value to them specifically, and you empower them to experiment with their own inputs. This is a great way for prospects to engage in a way that is highly relevant to them and make them want to talk to you.

Ivaluated demolishes the technical barriers to getting a calculator for your site.

Marketing departments almost always possess the expertise to model the financial value of their products or services, but obstacles in technical implementation can hinder the creation of dynamic, prospect-centric calculators. Internal software development, if it exists is typically not suited to doing this job efficiently, and outsourcing custom development to third parties can be prohibitively expensive up front and over time as changes are needed.

With Ivaluated Pro, you configure a seamlessly integrated calculator without dedicating months of internal development resources, or spending tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) to have a service provider develop and maintain it for you.

Need some help? We have that too. Our ROI modeling expertise is unparalleled and we can help take your understanding of your product or service’s customer value and translate that into a model that can be implemented in your calculator.

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